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Thursday, May 25, 2006


UnionBank's EON Cyber Account is an internet-base banking transaction. Nowadays, we'll consider banks as one of the electronic-based transaction process. I believe that not Union Bank uses internet on their transactions. i think many banks also uses this. Union Bank's site contain all their information on what's the advantage of the CyberAccount. I like the unionbank site. Informations clearly stated, on how to apply online. And how to monitor your accounts. Without a hassle on traffic going to the bank.

Census online?

At first I was amazed of what I've heard about e-census. Unbelievable, but it's true. When I first visit there website, I said that it's true. It's very easy to get your certificates now. Hassle free. It allows you to get certificates anytime, anywhere you are. It is a fast service online request.
In my experience, when I get my LiveBirth at NSO-Visayas, their are so many people in there. Some are came from other provinces, just to get there certificates. You must go there early in that day so that you will be the first in the line.
But through the help of, you can get certificates in hassle free anytime.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

myAyala shopping Yes, I like the site. Cool in the eyes specially the flowers that they have displayed. I'm impress. They display there products very well. User friendly.
But, I'm disappointed with there flash. It was posted below. It nice in the eyes. It's better if they put it above the tabs above. For me, I like website flashes are at the top. Specially when it's only one flash.


Millions of people nowadays want to be more comfortable on what they want to do. Even in shopping, they are tired of going to the mall, waiting for a long traffic in the street. In online shopping site, people are easy to order by just clicking. is one of the best online shopping example. But my first impression on the site is that, it does't look like a shopping site. Yes, it nice. But it's very simple. You can't easily identify which of the items are for sale.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Travelling on IT

IT@coops is one of trainings that a cooperatives wanted to join. For how many coops in the Philippines, only 20 cooperatives have been choosen to attend on it. And one of these cooperative is the Lamac Multi-Purpose Cooperative, an agricultural cooperative from the province of Cebu. It was a great opportunity for our coop to join the IT@coops training. They had sent me, Merlyn Sotello, a coop staff to join the training.
At first, I said, that my knowledge on IT is enough. I know how to use it. On and Off. Encoding. And many. But somehow, when I join the training, I've change my mind. That there are lots of things that I don't know yet about IT. The training helps me more and give me more knowledge and ideas on how computer works. On what's the importance of IT nowadays.